Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Assimilation Required - Maybe a Shock Collar

A new year, new beginnings, and a new responsibility - I'm treasurer of the Bayou Writers Group for 2012. I could say I was elected, but it was more like it was handed to me by default. No one else was willing to step up, so I thought how difficult could it be? I can add and subtract. Wrong.

It's not just about balancing a checkbook. I'm learning all about spreadsheets, non-profit 990N tax forms, and more information than I care to know about grant writing. Lucky for the club, Sherry Perkins, our President, has over the top energy plus experience in finances. She's coaching me, encouraging me, petting me, dragging me along kicking and screaming, as I assimilate. I'm trainable.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Beginnings

It's January, and I want to clean closets. The winter gray and chill puts me in the mood. No new year resolution needed. Throw it away. Clutter be gone. I'm also organizing my computer, and how about a blog? Here's a poem I wrote a few months ago while dust bunnies gathered and played at the corner of this page.

My Mother's Laugh
Something was said,
Something funny.
I heard mom laugh.
A sweet sound, so clear
I wanted to turn,
to see her,
but that laugh--it was ME.
What was funny?
I can't recall.
I heard mom laugh.
So clear, a sweet memory
I wanted to turn,
to see her,
but she's been gone for years.