Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poetry of Grace

I'm still celebrating National Poetry Month. Some of the most beautiful and beloved poetry are the Psalms of the Bible. The Shepherd of Psalm 23 has lead and guided the reader down quiet paths, restoring souls for centuries, but the verses have come alive to me lately. "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies."

I have volunteered myself into a job beyond my expertise. That is part of my nature, to 'barrel-in" as my mother would say. Years ago, I was told you know an idea is great and of God when it's scary. Knowing it's out of your control, you have to rely on Him to succeed.

Well, the table is set with a feast of blessings, and my enemies are heckling me all around. Fear is under the table, and she won't come out because it's dark. Self-righteous Indignation is on my right, banging her fork on the table. Perfection sits next to Jesus, her elbow defiantly on the table, starring with intense blue eyes, silently trying to egg him into a stare down. He just laughs. "Don't worry," he says to me, "Goodness and Mercy will be her soon, and we'll say grace." Thank God!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April - Poetry Month

April , if you have not been informed, is National Poetry Month. Only two weeks into this month and it has been full to overflowing, ALREADY. A few days ago, I planted our little garden patch, and I'm living on Ibuprophen. Hallalujah, Spring has Sprung (my back).

But it's a beautiful time of year, especially in Southwest Louisiana. Because of my many committments, I'm finding little time to ply my trade of writing, and I'm hungry. Poetry is what I need--verse compacted, a good measure, tamped down, spilling over and covering the junk that needs to be done. My good friend, Marsha Kushner reommended www.poets.org . I went this morning and had a fiest. Enjoy.

Poetry in Progress...,

My mind cloudy,
floating, white, puffy
mass of moist possibility.
Imagination molocules
rise through the formless void.

Linear thoughts
obstruct the view,
vaporized per chance to dream.
Awesome wonder decorates
my clouded mind.