Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reading, (writing?), and Resting

I've been reading a lot the past few weeks. Last week I finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and the one that's currently keeping me from my writing is The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield. There's nothing new I can say about Dragon Tattoo that hasn't been said better, except I can't wait to read Larsson's sequels!

However, Wingfield's novel was released in 2011 and the February reading selection for my book club, The Pulpwood Queen's of SWLA. A debut novel set in Arkansas in the early 50's, it deals with good and evil, family and loss, rolled up in a compelling read. I'm on the last seventy pages. How compelling you ask? This blog needs my attention. It's a sunny day. The lawn is screaming to be mowed before the weather turns ugly, and I'm still in my housecoat at 2 in the afternoon. Good job Jenny.

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