Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Name is Chris and I'm A Writer

Ahhh, Blogspot, I have not forsaken thee. Forgive my transgression. Life has attempted to choke my creativity. My priorities were askew, but fear not, I have not forgotten thee. I have come to make amends. My soul has been revived by the Bayou Writers' Group 9th Annual Bridge to Publication. www.bayouwritersgroup.blogspot.com

This past weekend, BWG hosted six excellent presenters for a full day of fun and networking.
  • We were inspired by the poetry of author Stella Nesonovich stellanesanovich.com who warmed our hearts and walked us through the streets of N.O. 
  • Poet and story teller Mona Lisa Saloy monalisasaloy.com  gifted us with her stories and singing, as we pulled up a chair and sat with her family.
  • Novelist and BWG past president, Jess Ferguson jessyferguson.blogspot.com  is still educating, encouraging and inspiring us with "the power of a made up mind."
  • Humorous editor and author Linda Yezak lindayezak.com explained the need for a professional editor.
  • Agent Brooks Sherman fineprintlit.com/agents/brooks-sherman , listened to our pitches when he wasn't answering questions concerning what New York wants. 
  • Saturday's finale and my favorite, mystery writer C. Hope Clark chopeclark.com  encouraged us to join contests and be proud to say "I'm a writer." 
I walked away from this conference with a renewed commitment to myself and my writing. In the next week I will set long and short term goals and revisit them regularly. I plan to enter multiple contests, being persistent and methodical. I will continue to write what I know and research what I don't. Educating myself about technology, I plan to increase my electronic presence. I've made up my mind. How about you?

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