Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Say, Son.

VBS went great last week. I was stellar on the tech team. At one point during each opening presentation a foghorn was required. The first day we skipped over it. The second day a sixteen year old showed me how to retrieve the sound effect from the Internet, and the kids fell out laughing. Wednesday, I found a sound effect site and made the necessary arrangements. My finger poised for the one job the team felt I was capable of preforming - the cue came, I hit the button, and "I say. I say, son, it's Foghorn Leghorn here."

I blew it. But I say, son, it was a learning experience!

(No child was injured in the performance and process of this event.)


  1. Could we be related? If not by blood, then by the stars? This was a fun post and it brought to mind all the past boo-boos that have happened to me. It's wonderful that we can laugh at ourselves.

  2. Oooh, bad luck. But at least it wasn't nails on a blackboard. (I'm a big fan of Foghorn's, BTW.) I'm glad everyone survived the week. Now you've got me singing "Farmer in the Dell" and laughing at the same time. Good one.