Monday, June 11, 2012

No Moss Growin On This Sissy

Last week a recluse, this week a volunteer. My yearly dose of Vacation Bible School taken every morning until GONE.

VBS isn't for sissies.
I agreed to work the sound board this year. This is high tech fun with three interactive DVD's. Now those of you who've read this blog know my aptitude for all things technical, and you might be thinking this wasn't a very kind and charitable thing to do to the young woman coordinating the program. You might even whisper, "She doesn't want them to ask her next year," but I figured, how much do little kids notice screw ups anyway? I'll let you know.
Here's a poem from my files...

A Rolling Stone

Unh, unh,
patches of mildew,
gray shadows on the north side,
moving like clouds up my leg.

Unh, unh,
bright green fuzzies
grow roots in wrinkle lines
along hands frozen by time.

Unh, unh,
sandbag levees,
acrid shrines to middle age,
brace against creative failure.

Unh, unh,
rolling stones once,
now inertia
at the bottom of an hour glass.

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