Saturday, October 19, 2013

Educated, Encouraged, and Inspired

The Bayou Writers Group of Lake Charles is hosting its 10th Annual Conference, A Bridge to Publication on November 9th, 8AM – 4PM at University United Methodist Church, 3501 Patrick St., Lake Charles, LA.

This is my first rodeo as President, and there are a million details, but things are coming together with the members all doing their share. BWG is a terrific group of individuals who happen to be writers. This year’s conference, like the group’s motto, is sure to Educate, Encourage, and Inspire those who attend.
We have a great line up of presenters. The keynote speaker, DiAnn Mills, author of multiple contemporary fiction novels, historical romances and several non-fiction titles, will have two hands-on workshops. DiAnn is not only an author, but a writing coach, and manuscript editor.  Her workshops titled “Self-Editing for the Professional Writer” and “Creating Powerful Emotion” are sure to inspire.
The screenwriters Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit are a husband and wife team who will educate listeners with “The ABC’s of Screenwriting: Action, Believable Plots, and Characters.” Founders of the N.O. based production company Cote Blanche Productions, their combined expertise covers the spectrum of movies, documentaries, 4D, and IMAX to TV shorts and series. Entertaining speakers, we look forward to our lessons.
Amanda T. Graves, president of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians, will encourage us in the art of self-promotion with her session, “Get Yourself Out There! Collaborating with School Librarians.”
The fourth session of A Bridge to Publication will be a panel question and answer session with all the speakers plus New York Agents, Jill Marr, Jessica Kirkland, and N.Y. acquisitions editor, Stella Riley. These last three women will be taking manuscript pitches during the day to help writers walk the bridge to publication.
No matter if you’ve been writing in a closet for years or a teenager with werewolves living in your imagination, you are invited to attend the 10th Annual, Bridge to Publication. I promise you will be Educated, Encouraged, and Inspired to get out there and write.

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