Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wizard of BWG

I’ve been stretched the past few months as President of the Bayou Writers Group. A replacement in the middle of the year, I’ve felt a step behind from the beginning. However, I am grateful for this opportunity, because I’ve been stretched and learned much.

With our annual officer elections fast approaching, I’ve been encouraging others to consider serving on the board in some capacity. Down to the wire for a slate of officers, I have been forced to phone and email members and directly ask. I think people are shy or modest and don’t see themselves capable. Most writers are introverts. Put a roomful of gifted talent together you get insecurities by the pail full, overachievers who don’t want to be noticed.
Ironically, most of us want to be published, and in this new area of publishing, writers are no longer allowed the privilege of anonymity. It’s a world of Facebook and salesmanship. A successful author can’t just produce; they are required to write the perfect story and sell it. We have returned to the dog and pony show of the traveling medicine man, but with technology. If you produce the book that “speaks” to an agent’s heart then you must morph into the Wizard of Oz. It’s all about the show, selling the story and the character who wrote it.
As I write this, I’m morphing into Madame President. Now where is my list and that balloon?

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