Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Muse

As a writer having not exactly writers block, but writer's procrastination, I decided to take a Leisure Learning course at our local McNeese State University. The class, Muse in Your Box: A Unique Approach to Creative Writing, was offered by Janice Repka, a professor and author that I had studied under before. Last week was the first of three two hour sessions, and I am already at my computer writing poetry! Our first class assignment was to envision what our muse would look like. It was a fun exercise that lead to this:

Dah Muse

My muse, she is chocolate clad in combat boots,
melting into thoughts,
a pound of whoop-ass for my insecurities.
A liquid nymph with multiple eyes
sees my blind spots – crystallizes ideas
that moment before dawn awakens into reality.
Filmy, billowing, smoke floats between my ears
curls through the gray matter,
sliding out my fingers, quickening my breath,
a flash on the monitor.

For more about Janice Repka go to her website at janicerepka.com

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  1. Mmmm, I like that poem. :) If I'd known I was still going to be around I'd have taken it too.