Wednesday, October 1, 2014

God Whispers

I'm reading a book called, The Power of a Whisper, by Bill Hybels, a well known pastor and author of a plethora of inspirational texts. This powerful book cultivates the idea that the Christian God is personal and wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. Bill gives extensive examples how God communicates to us in a variety of ways when we daily stop, ask, and listen.

The idea of God talking to me is not news. I've been on his wave length more than once in my life. The notion of hearing God is a strange concept for my husband of forty years. He glances over the rim of his glasses with a wary look when I assure him that the thought I awoke with was inspired, or the niggling to call someone I haven't talked to in twenty years is a God thing. However, the concept of daily asking God to speak and intentionally listening is a fresh thought for me.

My first faith teaching came from my mom. Her story of a middle-of-the-night visit from God filled me with wonder. After ten years of marriage, she had not conceived and was devastated. Mom loved to tell how God spoke as my father snored. "Don't be downhearted, Lois, you're going to have children." Nine months later my brother was born. I never doubted Mom.

Many times I've wanted a clear voice to pierce the darkness, but I've never experienced anything so dramatic. Like the Bible story of Elijah on the mountain (1 Kings 19), God usually comes to me as "a still small voice", one that needs to be discerned as His or the cacophony in my head. Many times God whispers to me through scripture reading, an inaudible ah-ah thought, and several times he's revealed himself through dreams.

How about you? Has God whispered a word of assurance, a word of warning, or nudged you into action? I'm going to take the next few weeks to cultivate some quiet space and ask God to whisper to me. I'll be sharing my experience along with more about Bill Hybels', The Power of a

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