Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Humming My Frequency

Last week I publicly challenged myself to ask God daily to whisper in my ear. Asking Almighty God to speak to me everyday seems a bit presumptuous or needy. Of course I know we all need God in our daily lives, but I'm no Isaiah, and frankly, I don’t want the job. Prophets are unpopular and never make the bestsellers list.

Reading Bill Hybels’ book, The Power of a Whisper, he suggests that God wants a personal everyday relationship where we dialogue with God and expect to be answered. Being more in tune this week, I realized, I received whispers, but I left my gratitude meter in the closet. I hauled it out and dusted it off. To my surprise, the volume rose as my attitude took a one-eighty to the right. Looking at my circumstances through grateful eyes makes every day a blessing. Even in the hard places, the Rock sings to me.

My Mom grew up when telephones were uncommon and required party lines and an operator to transmit. Around the age of ten, I received a transistor radio for Christmas. This little miracle (about the size of 3 decks of cards and weighing a pound) could be held right in the palm of your hand. Mom was fascinated.

I remember a conversation with her after the advent of microwaves and satellite TV, she marveled at the idea of invisible waves that transmit so many different technologies we take for granted. “Think of all the invisible waves that pass by unseen to our eyes.” She was right.

Why doubt Mom now? I’m convicted. I need to create the right device inside me, to receive God’s wavelength. Prayer and gratitude are the starting point. How about you?  

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