Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I mentioned in my post last week that I found my "gratitude meter". Thankfulness raised the volume on my awareness that all we have in this life is gift. This in mind, I finished Bill Hybels' book, The Power of a Whisper, and got a shout. 

This week, I have seen the beauty of a tree whipped in a windstorm, sunlight sparkle the face of the river, a full moon melt the darkness, and a baby's cooing antics. Rev. Hybels talks about not just hearing God but responding. When we receive a gift from a friend, our desire is to respond. Sometimes all that's required is a simple thank you, but if the friend needs something, it would be harsh to smile and say, "Have a good day." 

I'm active in prison ministry, going into the jail every week. I see the plight of the underdog and abused, the just and the unjust, both by family and the judicial system. I've been resting in the knowledge of my role as volunteer, patting myself on the back. But in the book of Matthew (25:14-23), Jesus tells us to those who have been handed a small amount, more will be given. A BIG SHOUT HERE: he's not talking about more money, but more responsibilities. God is nudging me to get up and serve. 
For those who have guts, let them readThe Power of a

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